Here comes Zwhatt

Hier kommt Zwhatt

Music for a corporate documentary about the new Regensdorf neighbourhood called Zwhatt. Watch movie (30′): click the image.

Direction & Production: Mattogrosso GmbH

Music composition & production, VO recording, sound mix, mastering

Time Travel

Music for an internal movie of a global corporation about the last decades of world and company history.

Director: Benjamin Weiss, Producer: Boutiq Films

Music: Composition, production & mix. Film: Editing, mix and mastering

Kosmos Audio CI

By adding 10 minutes of entrance music to the short animations with audio logo and similar sound design, the visitor of the Kosmos multiplex cinema in the heart of Zurich is completely surrounded by a unified sound language that creates a calm and concentrated atmosphere before the movie starts.

Composition, Sound Design, Production, Surround Mix, Mastering, DCP 
With Domenico Ferrari. Animation: Josh Schaub & Erich Brechbühl, Agency: Roth Maerchy

Swisslex: Gewaltenteilung

Swisslex platform

This tilting platform that can be brought into level by visitors placing themselves in the right spots on the platform. The experience is enriched with a sound component: a four-voice fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded on four separate tracks. Those tracks are assigned to the ends of two orthogonal axes of the platform, and when the platform is tilted, the tracks are pitch-bent according to their deviation from level. In level, the music is as it should be.

Conceptual & Technical Consulting, Music Production, Quality Management
Client: Swisslex, Agency: Roth Maerchy, Metal construction: Met-All