Equipped with two recording spaces, three control rooms and high quality gear, boutique style Zurichflorida provides a concentrated, creative atmosphere for performers, clients and producers alike.

Zurichflorida is called home not only by Studio Dobozi by also by Postproduction and Location Sound Engineers Kurt Human and Julian Joseph a.k.a. Tonverein, as well as music producer Márton Dobozi who is  indeed Bálint’s brother.


Furthermore, Zurichflorida is among the eco-friendliest studios worldwide, featuring heating/cooling through a highly advanced solar/geothermic probe system developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, resulting in near CO2 neutral operation.

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Equipment (excerpt):

Monitoring: Barefoot MM27, Avantone MixCubes, Nubert (5.1)
Microphones: AKG, Beyerdynamic, DPA, Neumann, Røde, Sontronics, Shure, Suter, United.
Preamps: Rupert Neve, A Designs, Cranborne Audio, LaChapell Audio, Focusrite ISA, SSL
Converter: Antelope Audio
Outboard: Mohog MoFET76, Golden Age Comp-2A, Schippmann Ebbe & Flut, var. Analog Delays

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Photos by Thomas Zwissig