There Are Still Open Purchase Order Items Or Scheduling Agreements

Origin and preconditions Checking is done, otherwise inconsistencies may occur when current order invoices or a portion of order entries are introduced after the hardware evaluation class has been changed. Without changing the POs and closing the open commands, there is an OSS note that can be applied. A: PR can be created in relation to another PR and cannot be created by reference to a planning order or agreement. PO – Scheduling are created and controlled by purchasing organizations. The PR can also be created by end-users. For creating PR in reference to another PR, follow the menu path: The system checks the PO items without markings to remove and gives Dear Davu,The question is good that the calendar is there, but at a future date,Why does the system not allow to post grn? I think there should be a provision for post GRN (without me38 to change the calendar) if the calendar is available. I get this message: Document 5500000008 contains no selectable elements No suggestion? SAP 4.7 with DIMP (discreet industry mill products solution) thank you, JR Please read the note 102653.By this correction the system verifies all purchase proofs without sign of erasure and error M3368 occurs if at least one item in un deleted is found (and not only if stocks are present)! Hello, for positing GRN for denplan predisposition before the delivery plan, you can`t make the incoming delivery and then GRN in reference to the incoming delevery. 3. SE16 ->barAFPO. Select all items from the corresponding equipment/factory. If you find at least one item, change val.clss.

That`s impossible. You must archive these manufacturing orders (see note 146241). Thus, all command posts dependent on this equipment/factory must be removed in tx ME22/ME22N, even if they are delivered in an old and complete manner and if the audit is carried out. We still have a problem with the LPA agreements; We changed the delivery dates, so the LP agreements worked. However, get the message that there are no selectable lines. There are still open order positions or delivery plans that I have all the things you said, but I still have the problem.