Partners For Islington Tenancy Agreement

Information about your rental, rights and obligations She added: «For the past six years, I have been trying to work constructively with PFI. But the idea that we`re his partners is a joke. Their decision-making is opaque, there is no responsibility and their treatment of residents is appalling. It`s not just bad apples, it`s a serious cultural problem in the organization. The transfer is the legal term used when a tenant passes on his secure tenancy agreement to another authorized person or «agent.» You can only terminate your lease with the agreement of Islington Council. The partners state that it meets at least twice a month with the Council on performance evaluation, and their commitment to transparency and partnership means that it provides a number of information on the performance and reactions of local residents. If you leave your home and do not intend to return, the security of your lease will be lost. If you give your keys to someone else, even if that person may have been authorized to take over the lease, Islington Council will consider them an unauthorized occupier and take legal action to evict the person and repossess the property. While the person remains in the facility until we receive the keys, we charge them for use and, if we approve your assignment, we will sign you and the agent in writing to attend an appointment to formally forward the lease to the agent. The date on which your tenancy agreement is given to the agent is usually the Monday following that date and the agent is responsible for the rent and all other rental conditions from that date. There are a number of reasons why we do not allow you to transfer your lease to another person: to ask Islington Council to review your rental agreement, you should contact your tenant advisor by contacting your local housing office. We will ask you to delete your rental account. If you are unable to settle your arrears, we will allow you to pass on your lease only if you enter into an agreement acceptable to Islington Council to pay off your debts in increments.