Northland School Division Collective Agreement The parties recognize that the basic management and management of a school system is the right and responsibility of school justice to formulate and adopt guidelines and regulations. 17.1.1 Where possible, teachers on a test contract are informed by the school`s jurisdiction before 31 May of the current school year of the offer of a maintenance contract. 2.8.1 Since the Association is the bargaining partner for teachers employed by each school jurisdiction, each school court makes available to the association, at least once a year, no later than October 31, a list of its teachers who are members of the association, including the name, certificate number, residence address, telephone number and name of their school or any other place where they are employed. 9.1.3 School courts and/or schools are not prevented from developing their own human resource development plan, in which the justice system and/or the school may require teachers to participate. Teachers who receive a head teacher`s allowance have opened their schools and closed their schools for the summer months, and teachers who receive a vice-president`s allowance help the head of school prepare their schools for the opening of the school and close properly for the summer months. The formula for calculating head-of-school allowances for the school year is based on the total number of students of the Alberta School Foundation, including eligible and ineligible students as of September 30 of this school year, with Early Childhood Services (ECS) students considered full-time students. 1.1 This letter of appeal is made in accordance with Article 8 of the collective agreement (practical conditions). The parties agree that when teachers` teaching time is compressed and current collective agreements are tacit, teachers are given a break from the extra time provided in the table below. The next 0.25 days are rounded for this calculation. Both sides recognize the need for flexibility to maintain the school justice schedule, but also to assure teachers that longer teaching days can lead to a break for teachers. 2.5.1 Notwithstanding section 130 of the labour code, where a notification of the opening of centralised negotiations has been served, a collective agreement in force between the parties at the time of notification of the notice remains valid until 3.4.7 The teaching experience acquired by a teacher prior to the obligation by the school`s jurisdiction is recognized at the time of the audit, provided that he has been placed under a recognized authority, as if he had been educated under jurisdiction. 10.8 The school court recognizes, for a maximum of forty (40) days, the absenteeism rate of all teachers from districts, departments or counties in Alberta.

It is the teacher`s responsibility to provide the necessary documents within the ninety (90) calendar days following the start of employment. 1.2.1 This agreement will remain in force after 31 August 2016 and will remain in force until a new agreement is reached.