Mining Native Title Agreement

On national titles, you must consult with Aboriginal people who hold or have claimed property rights on land on the proposed activities: the country may be a «native holding country,» even if there is no claim to title or national judgment. Unless a court has established that native native title does not exist over a land territory, in most cases the land should be treated as a country of local property. If an agreement is reached, it will likely include cultural heritage protection protocols and other benefits, depending on the nature of the applicant (business or person) and the scope of the project. Under these laws, a person must be authorized to carry out mining activities on the land concerned and to enter the country for the purpose of mining activities. If the heritage is not represented by a RARB, some agreements with traditional owners (usually local title agreements) that define how the heritage can be allocated may also be approved under the Heritage Act. This is called Division A2 agreement, once an agreement is reached with local parties under the title, a state deed must be executed and filed with the department. This page provides an overview of your title system`s requirements for your resource authority application and contains information that will help you choose an appropriate own title process. Quarry operators should refer to the guide to sales licence hedging procedures. These are flexible agreements for small exploration projects or large mines. Mining operators must always meet the requirements of the Aboriginal Heritage Act, even if an agreement of Part 9B or ILUA establishes procedures for conducting cultural heritage investigations. If there are no registered native claims at the end of the four months, your application may go in the direction of issuance.

Part 9B of the Mining Act 1971 (SA) deals with how mining can be carried out on indigenous lands. Note: A native titling process is required for the prospecting of prospective and handmining permissions. Applicants should only apply for areas whose national title has been extinguished, since the time required for a native title procedure exceeds the three months for which exploration authorization is granted.