Company Share Sale Agreement

15.1. [A] is entitled to transfer or renew all rights and obligations under this Agreement to any other member of the group after which all references contained in this Agreement to [-] are understood as references to the assignee. The seller and the companies here matter agree that a separate agreement is not necessary for such a transfer to take effect, but if other measures, consents or documents are necessary to complete such a transfer, the seller and the companies undertake to do so or to provide it. As soon as the pre-sale terms are agreed, the buyer and seller (the parties) sign the contract and force them to sell. You must then try to comply with the agreed pre-sale conditions under which the sale is concluded. It is often referred to as split Exchange and Completion. If the specified conditions are not met on a given date, each party has the right to move away from the sale. Guarantees in the latter category can address a number of different aspects of the business. For example, there are often guarantees on the company`s accounts, taxes, assets, key contracts, that there are no disputes, that the sale of shares does not violate contracts, and so on. Although it is normal (and advisable) for a buyer to demand guarantees and compensation from the seller, it is also normal (and advisable) for the seller to try to qualify them. (You can read our tips for buyers here, and our tips for sellers here.) The agreement should specify how the seller should act after the sale. An important provision is, for example, the limitation of the trade clause.

This will prevent the seller from being involved in a competing business for an agreed period of time. There is also space for the new buyer to develop the store he bought. The structure of a company`s shares is often found in the company`s statutes. The shareholders` pact explains how the relationship will work after the sale. To learn more about shareholder agreements, click here. Your share purchase agreement should be the question of whether action should be taken before the sale. A common example is an invitation to a key contract holder (for example. B a supplier essential to the company) to commit not to terminate its contract if the business is transferred to the buyer. This is called «change of control.» Mr. [citizen of Barcelona] of a legal age, married, residing with the passport [a] (seller); a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Catalonia and having its main place of activity with [the guarantor`s tax identification number] and a limited liability company created in accordance with the laws of China and having its main place of activity with a tax identification number [-] (the purchaser); 3.3.